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Bologna-Vienna. This connection can only produce something good, everyone from Vienna might say. After all, Bologna is already unofficially called "our" city, at least by the Viennese Indie-rock band "Wanda". Two musicians, Daniele Volcan and Giacomo Barchetta from Bologna, were also enthusiastic about the idea of including a singer from Vienna - the world capital of music - for their band. So with the addition of Annika Prey, Elettrotape was born in the turmoil of the pandemic. At the beginning there was an idea: each band member should play a synthesizer live or should at least sound like one. Giacomo "Jack" Barchetta took it to extremes and converted his 1985 Chapman Stick (sounds maybe familiar thanks to King Crimson or Peter Gabriel) to a synth. Not only catching the eye visually, but essential acoustically to transform their electronic pop landscapes on stage. Of course as well that everyone should have fun, the band and especially the audience! So during the last two years, a series of songs were born and helped form the band. With reworked 80s vibes and a modern wall-of-sound approach, Elettrotape found its current shape and was brought to life.


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