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Elis Noa

"What Do You Desire?" is the question raised by ELIS NOA on their debut album.

What do I really want? What do I want in my relationship, my friendship, my work, my art? Am I really happy? Or am I satisfied with the circumstances my conscience, my environment, my upbringing have layed out for me?

Each of the eleven album tracks talks about a specific feeling followed by the experience with a muse. While the first single "Nude" dealt with the unapologetic reveal of desire for the muse, "Still Nothing (Goddamn)" adresses arising doubts:

""Still Nothing (Goddamn)"is about self-worth, about being frank with yourself and asking others to do the same. What do you wish for? What are you hiding? Inner power can only arise when we recognize, accept and express our wishes and facets. Only then we can be free.", Elisa says about the song.

Once more, no need for euphemisms. It's okay to be vulnerable.

„During the production process I didn’t take my analytical thoughts too seriously and instead focused on making musical decisions based on my gut instincts. Our approach was to not over intellectualize, we felt that was the best way to stay as true as possible to the theme and intention of the album.“ says Aaron to supplement Elisas thoughts.

ELIS NOA from Vienna push the boundaries of electronic pop. Their musical framework ranges from pop to contemporary R&B, all the way to future soul. With their second single release "Still Nothing (Goddamn)" ELIS NOA (Elisa Godino and Aaron Hader) once again create a distinct sound woven together by Godino's extraordinary voice — relinquishing pop music from it's conventional structures without losing it's accessibility. ELIS NOA's songs give a sense of longevity while still moving with the frontiers of contemporary pop.

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