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Elegant Soulful duo ELIS NOA will be releasing their second LP 'I Was Just About To Leave' (Las
Vegas Records) on 27th of May.
The duo consists of Aaron and Elisa, who both live in Vienna. The two got to know each other
during their joint studies at the jazz department of the Vienna Music University. The sound of
ELIS NOA ranges from pop to contemporary RnB to future soul. Inspired by the works of Emilie
Nicolas, Jacob Banks, Jordan Rakei, Frank Ocean, Jazmine Sullivan and Oliver Malcolm, ELIS
NOA's own sound has parallels to Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey, Jordan Rakei and Jacob Banks.
Together, ELIS NOA have released two EPs: "High EP" and "Love Letters", as well as their
successful debut LP "What Do You Desire?" (2020).
The new album "I Was Just About To Leave" is a concept album, a story of letting go.
The album follows the releases of "Mad About You", "Weights" "I Don't Like It Here" and "Make
Me Think Of You" which were all released over the last few months and in preparation for the
album. Since their debut album "What Do You Desire?" (2020) they collaborated with Marco
Kleebauer (Leyya and Bilderbuch) and Max Walch (Left Boy and Bilderbuch). In total, ELIS NOA
have achieved over 1.1 million plays on various platforms and have been supported by wellknown
international media such as Tonspion, NBHAP, Glamglare, Music Export and Everything Is
Noise, as well as Deutschlandfunkkultur, FM4 and Oe1.
With "I Was Just About To Leave", the two musicians let their audience dive deep inside and
invite them to find connections to their own stories and feelings. Letting go is not an easy or
linear mission, which is why the duo takes time to musically explore each step of the process,
walking through the journey of healing with each song, describing moments of resistance and
pain to acceptance and ease.
ELIS NOA's music is soulful, honest, raw and unembellished. It doesn't leave you cold, it’ll make
you sit up and pay attention. Musically, the duo's sound is layered with gentle brushes of elegant
tones and rolling beats that add unexpected depth to the experience.

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