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Elis Noa

ELIS NOA from Vienna pushes the boundaries of electronic pop and creates a poly-stylistic sound. The musical framework ranges from pop to contemporary R&B, all the way to Future Soul. With their second EP "Love Letters" ELIS NOA (aka. Elisa Godino, Angel Vassilev and Aaron Hader) tell a story full of devotion, desire, frustration, and ecstasy. This results in a distinct sound which is woven together by Godino’s extraordinary voice — relinquishing pop music from its conventional structures, without losing its accessibility. 

Their love of music and the conscious appraisal of their individual edges is reflected in the mindfully crafted song-productions, which are full of depth and rich in detail. ELIS NOA’s songs give a sense of longevity, while still moving with the frontiers of contemporary pop music.


Their debut EP "High" was released in 2017. The singles "Motto", "For Her" and "Five" were met with a lot of positive response by press and radio (Fm4, KEXP, NTS Radio, Volume Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, RAI, ByteFM u.v.m.). In the meantime, the band fine-tuned their live-set at numerous performances on club and festival stages — with the addition of a drummer. The sophisticated studio productions, in combination with the intensive live character of ELIS NOA, undoubtedly whet the appetite for what’s to come. Their second EP "Love Letters" was co-produced by Marco Kleebauer — one of the most sought after producers in the country.

"Our goal is to always make music that we love, that inspires our listeners, while also enabling their comfort zone to be challenged at times. The lyrics are often a way of expressing thoughts that I dare not say in real life" says singer Elisa Godino. This is what "Love Letters" is all about. When the innermost turns outward and the code of conduct goes offline.


In the modern age of "no time", it seems inefficient to exchange ideas by analog means, and not by using all the fast-paced digital communication channels. This attitude also applies to the antiquated model of a "love letter", a written manifesto of the unspoken. That's why the Viennese trio ELIS NOA dedicates their EP to this anachronistic art form. "Love Letters" describes the stages of love with four acts: devotion (1 Love Letter); desire (2 Into You); frustration (3 Good Boy); ecstasy (4 Rush).

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