Electronic beats meet confident rap: "Bounce" by Nono Punch feat. Bex
"she's outrageous, so contagious, boy you in danger" - Hard basses swing through the night. It's about attraction and energy. A rhythmic game, a challenge, played out on the dance floor. "I don't play by the rules, so don't tell me what to do" The club becomes a playground. A fantasy - or yet a promise, a promise? Glances and movements that flash through the darkness like stimuli of light. There is only the here and now, this night, this moment - bounce.
The song "Bounce" is a tribute to the clubs that have been closed for too long, the feeling of exuberant dancing and the fleeting interpersonal connections that occur when partying. With the fast-paced club number, electronic producer Elias Stejskal aka Nono Punch releases his first artist collaboration this summer. A debut headliner for the Viennese music producer, who packs lush, electronic bass into a radio format and delivers a sound for which the Austrian capital is otherwise little known. Melancholy and bone-dry club sound make common cause on the upcoming EP, providing a guide for long, sleepless party nights. Despite roots in classical music, Nono Punch sees himself deeply rooted in various genres of electronic dance music. "My music should be fun and first and foremost inspire myself. If I can infect others with it, all the better," is how he describes this mix. Through collaborations with different artists* a range of songs from rap to techno to electronica is created.
The appropriate lyrics are provided by Rebecca Abban. Under the name Bex, the genre-spanning artist with Ghanaian roots is currently stirring up the Austrian rap scene. Carried by hard beats, the extroverted performer mixes the Jamaican-Creole language Patois under the English lyrics and thus creates an invitation to dance that no one can resist. The newcomer's rap voice nestles up against the rhythm with an ease and virtuosity that leaves no doubt that this is indeed one of the two artists' first releases.
The doors to the club are invitingly open and "Bounce" provides the necessary fuel for a long night.