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Malicious gossip has it that it was laziness why OLGA
started writing songs. Tired of practising finger exercises
on the piano Olga Jungbauer proposed her piano teacher
Marco Palewicz to work on her own songs. Marco
immediately detected her talent and started to work with
her intensively for producing songs.
The result was a variety of songs about the huge
sentimental value of this gorgeous 16 year old girl
underpinned by the beauty of fragility: boredom,
loneliness, monotony, hopelessness and melancholy
characterise her debut single „Better Times“, which was
created at the beginning of the pandemic.
„The pandemic with all its consequences hit me very hard.
The impossibility of meeting friends and losing caregivers
over night bothered me deeply.“ sums up this young girl
from Linz Upper Austria.
It´s not only about melancholy that OLGA has to deal with:
„There are plenty of songs that are about good things in
life. I’m not a melancholic person and my music is not
melancholic per se.

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