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In the second single and artist collaboration of Nono Punch together with the Viennese singer and songwriter Xaver Gruber aka Xaverama, calmer tones are struck... You might think that when you've only heard half of the song. But "Somebody" inspires with contrasts, dynamics and electronic elements, carried by Xaveramas' distinctive voice.

"Thank god you don't know where I went to hide" - a tale of loneliness, psychological abuse and the feeling of wanting to retreat after a slight to find peace and healing. A tense build-up and use of manipulated vocal elements lead into a liberating blow in the final third of the song, underpinned by thundering drums and a hookline chopped up in vocal chops. While Nono Punch's first artist collaboration was still characterized by rap elements, "Somebody" focuses on a combination of vocals cast in a radio format, combined with club music and electronic sound manipulation.

The singer and songwriter Xaverama, winner of the "Michaela Singt!" open mic event of the Vienna Songwriting Association, celebrates his debut with the collaboration on "Somebody". This connects not only the common musical taste with Nono Punch. The two are childhood friends, growing up in the same town in Lower Austria. After a failed band project and many demos slumbering on hard drives, the first joint release now sees the light of day.

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