Yellow Mellow is the electronic project of the two Viennese producers Alfred Peherstorfer and Sam and Sam Vahdat as well as the in China very well known well known singer Jiang Yiqiao. These are not "in your face" electro songs, the tracks are tracks are sophisticated and bittersweet. Yellow Mellow - and can best be assigned to the genre of genre "Progressive House". The motto: Beautifully danceable - musical poetry meets beat. The songs invite to individual musical exploration tours via headphones and are also absolutely danceable and absolutely danceable and partyable. Stylistically you move somewhere between Röyksopp, Four Tet, Air. In spring 2021 their debut album "La Grande Fatigue" was released on the chinese Taihe label. The single "Perfect Stranger" ran on heavy rotation in the rotation on Austrian radio (FM4). Now comes her new single: "The Music that you play". "You say, you have no feelings for this world outside your room. You say the only healing is that the music is going on." The first two lines of the song describe the feeling of so many: Music as a Healing in the gray everyday life. The video comes from Viennese artist Nikolaus Jantsch. In the process, the "Direct Animation" or "Drawn on Film" technique was used. In this technique the material on 16mm film directly painted, drawn or even scratched. With the help of today's software this technique from the last century transports the beats perfectly and becomes a visual experience.