Maur Due & Lichter

28. September, 19:30 - 20:15 Isaac's
At the age of just 15, Wolfgang Kanduth aka Candee Beat - singer, guitarist and front man – went out on a musical journey through all kinds of styles and instruments in rock and roll via scenes in Graz, London, New York City, Los Angeles, Cologne and Vienna. With numerous band projects (The incredible Staggers, Antimaniax, Leftöver Crack, F-Minus, Beatbrats, …), multiple instruments (drums, guitars, bass, vocals) and more than 1000 live shows and 12 albums in 12 years up his sleeve, he now set up his temporary tent at the Candy Beat Camp, again.

Since the release of their debut album "Another Day" Maur Due & Lichter have found back to their roots and spent a lot of time in the Viennese clubs. Backing out of the acoustic guitar work and tending towards electronic soundscapes - reflecting the chronology of a party night in Vienna.One scene, one spirit, one song.

The 11 songs capture the feelings and atmospheres of a night that are all too often and all too quickly gone.This way, the big picture that remains can be overviewed in single episodes. Moments from the first beer with your flatmates to the strolling home in the early morning are echoed by melodies, making it possible for every listener to reassemble the story into a movie passing by before the inner eye. It's a story about exuberant celebration with your friends and about the searching - and maybe even finding of love.Amidst jazzy sax interludes, melodic instrumentals and singersongwriter ballads there is dancing, flirting and kissing.Just as on the debut LP "Another Day" the songwriting and production process of the songs were deeply connected, giving the album a dynamic and life on its own surprising even to the musicians themselves.

Never Found A Way
Especially at their live shows it's going to be hard to keep away from the dancefloor. Evidence is Maur Due & Lichters first single "Never Found A Way". Lively, lighthearted beats announce sunshine missed so badly during the winter! Follow the flute into the summer!


CD / Digital from 12,00 €

This Night Was Meant to Stay

(CD / Digital)
  • 01 Oni
  • 02 Mercury Rising (City's Life)
  • 03 Our Brittle Youth
  • 04 Faces
  • 05 Never Found a Way
  • 06 Spiral Tribe
  • 07 Bright Light Big City
  • 08 Cruiser
  • 09 Maybes
  • 10 Eden's Weather
  • 11 How Long
CD / Digital from 12,00 €

Another Day

(CD / Digital)
  • 01 Zauberberg
  • 02 Another Day
  • 03 Rehberger
  • 04 Dead Choyce
  • 05 You Remember
  • 06 Cry Alpha Beta Gamma
  • 07 Plage Vitree
  • 08 Pause For The Cause
  • 09 Whisper
  • 10 Kapazunder
  • 11 Redhead
  • 12 Epilogue


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