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"When I was a teenager, I swore I would never write about love, simply because everything
had already been said." Nevertheless, frontman Mwita Mataro wrote about love. "LOVED" is
a song for everyone who has never been in a classic relationship. What does love mean
anyway? And why does everyone have an opinion about it? "To be honest: I fear love,
please tell me again what LOVE is about" the singer asks the listeners to think about love in
a new way.
With the driving indie anthem "LOVED" At Pavillon gives questions to solid answers. By the
way, this also applies to the music video: Here it is stated right from the start that At Pavillon
- shows are also about love for the audience, even if it is "only a fucking rockshow". While
some might recognize polyamory in the video, Mwita Mataro mischievously states: "The
kissing scenes are purely symbolic, representative of how our society shapes and defines


Digital from 1,00 €


  • 01 Lions
VÖ: 09.07.18
Vertrieb: Universal / Believe
Digital from 1,00 €

Stop This War

  • 01 Stop This War
Vö: 15.06.18
Vertrieb: Universal / Believe
CD / Vinyl / Digital from 6,99 €

Believe Us

(CD / Vinyl / Digital)
  • 01 Believers
  • 02 OPOV
  • 03 Lions
  • 04 Face It
  • 05 Disco Demolition Night
  • 06 Cindy
  • 07 Ketamine
  • 08 Mama
  • 09 Stop This War
  • 10 All Eyes On You
  • 11 Vienna
Releasedate 01/25/19
Distribution: Believe, Soulfood

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