Kommando Elefant

Party and Melancholy, with Anarchy in your hearts.

Kommando Elefant sneaks its way somewhere in between guitars and electro, beetween humor and tragedy, between beautiful piano and ugly keyboards, between wistful spontaenity and the grime of daily life. They manifest themselves as an authentic band full of irresistible melodies and lyrics. 
Kommando Elefant consists of Alf Peherstorfer on Guitar and lead vocal, Luis Pasching on Keyboards and background vocals, Pauli on the bass-guitar and Thorsten on the beating drums. They are completed by pixelkino.at – a creative VJ team who take care of their music videos and live visual media. 
In November 2008 their highly acclaimed debut album ‘Kaputt, aber glücklich‘ - ‘Dead, but happy‘ was released by the viennese label, Asinella Records. In April 2010 their second album, ‘Kommt wir hauen Granaten rein, das kleine bisschen Leben‘ - ‘Let´s put some grenades in it, the tiny little bit of life‘, was released on their own record label, Las Vegas Records. Their first single ‘Alaska‘ hit local radio stations and went straight to No. 4 in the charts on Austrian‘s Indie Radio Station, FM4. As if that’s not enough, the video got well over 100,000 hits on YouTube causing a minor viral sensation. Following this success, their second single ‘Falsche Helden‘ made it to No. 5 on FM4 and Austrian Indie Charts and their third  single ‘Letzter Sommer‘ went immediatly to No. 9 on the Austrian Indie charts and was the song of choice for many radio DJs on FM4 Radio Station and Austrian Music Television, GoTV! As well as this already impressive repertoire. In march 2010 their single ‘Party bis zum Untergang‘ was rerecorded with the talented Georgij from the well-known band Russkaja. They were also nominated for the prestigous Amadeus Award in the Austrian Grammys. 
Kommando Elefant has been touring since October 2007 and have played countless national and international club sets as well as huge festivals such as Poolbar Festival (two appearances), Donauinselfest – the biggest free festival in Europe (two appearances) and two annual performances at Frequency Festival (which attracts a whopping 40,000 visitors per year!). 
In april 2012 Kommando Elefant released their third studio ablum ‘Scheitern als Show‘ – ‘Falling as Show‘. Their first singles ‘Sternenmarie‘ and ‘Wir Sprengen Krokodile‘ went straight up the Austrian Indie charts as well as the FM4 Charts. Currently they are working on new material for their upcoming fourth album which will be released late 2013, early 2014. 
Keep an eye out for Kommando Elefant! 



CD / Digital from 12,00 €

Herz und Anarchie

(CD / Digital)
  • 01 In all den abgefuckten Clubs
  • 02 Dein letztes Comeback
  • 03 Liebe scheint dunkel
  • 04 Königreich
  • 05 Zentrum der Nacht
  • 06 Signale (Lady aus dem Orbit)
  • 07 Urlaub im Glas
  • 08 Licht dieser Stadt
  • 09 Jet Set Love Affair
  • 10 Stumpfe Scherben
  • 11 Bis der Wind sich dreht
  • 12 Das Leben ist schön
CD / Digital from 12,00 €

Kommt wir hauen Granaten rein. Das kleine bisschen Leben.

(CD / Digital)
  • 01 Favoriten
  • 02 Party Party
  • 03 In all den Jahren
  • 04 Falsche Helden
  • 05 Weiterkämpfen
  • 06 Tanz den Regenbogen
  • 07 Alaska
  • 08 Ewig Leben
  • 09 Letzter Sommer
  • 10 Wien frisst
  • 11 Bitte komm mir nicht mit Kunst
  • 12 Highway der Schmerzen (feat. Stimmgewitter Augustin)
CD / Digital from 12,00 €

Scheitern als Show

(CD / Digital)
  • 01 D.A.S.I.S.T.O.K.
  • 02 Sternenmarie
  • 03 Fluchtpunkt Kairo
  • 04 Ozean
  • 05 Das allerletzte Liebeslied
  • 06 Ich bin ein Arschloch
  • 07 Schöner Tag
  • 08 Wir sprengen Krokodile
  • 09 Jennifer
  • 10 Michaelas Tanzbar
  • 11 Dein fallendes Herz
CD / Digital from 12,00 €

Lass uns Realität

(CD / Digital)
  • 01 Ich find dich seltsam
  • 02 Einfach Meer
  • 03 Verschwende Dich
  • 04 Es geht immer, das bisschen schlimmer
  • 05 Mein Design fürs Leben
  • 06 Zwei Herzen tief
  • 07 Lass uns Realität imitieren
  • 08 Die ersten Sekunden
  • 09 Party & Blamagen
  • 10 Jukebox war gestern, heute bin ich
  • 11 Tabula Rasa


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